Event 01 of the 2015 Australian V8 Supercars Championship Series

Andre Heimgartner, driving for Super Black Racing from New Zealand, continued to improve at the opening round of the V8 Supercar Championship (V8SC), held at the Clipsal 500 event in Adelaide today by finishing in 23rd and 20th during the first two races of the season.

The youngster managed to stay clean in the second race of the day and set of top time of 1:22.8074 as he climbed several positions to finish in 20th, after what proved to be a drama filled race.

During race one Heimgartner got off to a strong start and was as high as 18th with a handful of laps to go, until he got spun around by another competitor before another driver hit the front of the Prodrive Racing prepared Ford Falcon FG causing some damage.

His Prodrive Racing crew made temporary repairs following the incident, allowing Heimgartner to finish his first race in 23rd.

Heimgartner now has 40 points in the overall championship standings before race three tomorrow.

 Meanwhile Dunlop Development Series driver Simon Evans lost a few places in his second race after a small scuffle at turn 14 before finally finishing in 23rd place.

Two cars immediately ahead of Evans came together, and while he tried to avoid the incident by going around the outside, he got hit in the B pillar causing his loss of position.


Driver quotes:


Andre Heimgartner – #111

Race 1 result: 23rd

Race 2 result: 20th

After race 1: “It’s good to get the first one out of the way. The results could have been better but we’re onto the next one now.”

After race 2: “It’s a little frustrating but again just a good learning experience. Hopefully tomorrow we can qualify a little bit further up the field. We’ve got the speed but just struggling to get past cars. But the boys [crew] have done an amazing job with the car so tomorrow should be a good day.”


Simon Evans – #111 Dunlop Development Series

Race 2 result: 23rd

“It was disappointing to be tied up in a first lap crash. I had a good start and gained a couple of positions so that’s promising. But when the car started to fill with smoke after the crash, and after the tyre issue yesterday, we decided it would be better to get the guys to check it.”

“I have improved every time I have gone out, and I didn’t take any risks today as I’m new to the circuit and I know about its reputation. But every lap I did I got more comfortable with the car so I’m looking forward to getting back into it at Perth.”


Paul Radisich – Team principal

“I think all in all we have a straight car out of it all. To come here for the first race is extremely demanding because it’s a tough place to be. But I think Andre has come away with a lot of information today and he is now understanding how competitive it is in V8 Supercars, and tough it is to get the car to work for you. So he’s learning a lot and I’m sure tomorrow will be another big learning curve for him. His lap times were also good and he was consistent, now he’s just got to work on getting the best out of the car.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 9.59.21 am

New Zealand’s only V8 Supercar (V8SC) team, Super Black Racing, are about to make history at the opening V8SC Championship round in Adelaide this weekend, as they launch their very own theme song and music video with the fans at the iconic season opener.

Super Black Racing launched their season in style outside their pit garage with a live performance by American singer songwriter Emme Lentino, who performs the Super Black anthem.

Emme Lentino, who has a strong personal connection to the team, says: “I am so excited to finally release the Super Black song, and what better place to do it than at our first race for 2015. I think it really captures the essence of the team as we believe we can make this year something special for all New Zealand V8 fans.”

“The lyrics of the song also have strong meanings for us and truly reflect the essence and spirit of the team. We’ve conquered the Bathurst mountain once before and we love how much faith our fans have in us, especially in New Zealand,” continued Emme.

The song was co-written alongside double APRA Silver Scroll and ISC finalist, Bryan Bell, a singer songwriter from Auckland band Dead Flowers, and now plays with The Jordan Luck Band, and who has a history of chart topping hits in New Zealand.

Bryan Bell says: “I watched Bathurst for a solid eight hours. I felt really proud to be involved with a Kiwi team and I’m stoked to have been asked to be part of the Super Black anthem.”

Team owner, Tony Lentino, echoes Emme’s comments but adds: “Right from the start we [Super Black Racing] wanted to be different and show how innovative New Zealanders are. This video is just a light-hearted way of showcasing that, especially with both Emme [Lentino] and Bryan [Bell] being involved in its creation.”

Emme Lentino grew up in Oregon and lived in Los Angeles before heading to New York, where she appeared in various shows and concerts along the way, before moving to New Zealand in 2010 where she lives with her New Zealand husband and two young children.

The team officially debuts this weekend at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide with both Andre Heimgartner and Simon Evans competing in the V8 Supercars Championship and V8 Dunlop Development Series respectively.

Other songs by Emme Lentino can be heard on www.soundcloud.com/emmelentino or for more information, visit her Facebook page (www.facebook.com/emmelentino) or website (www.emmelentino.com). Emme will also be giving away a DVD copy of the video at the event, and will release a full DVD in the coming weeks that will be available to purchase with proceeds going back into the team.




Song lyrics:

Chant: Super Black, Back in Black


Conquer mountains

Conquer fears


King of Speed

Crowd gives a cheer


Come on, people stand together

Keep the faith forever

It’s what we believe

It’s what we can be


Stay the course

With the dark horse

All aboard

Rumble and roar


Come on, kiwis stand together

Keep the faith forever

It’s what we believe

It’s what we can be


Chant: Super Black, Back in Black

Clipsal 500 0813

The first day of the Clipsal 500 event in Adelaide has gone to plan for New Zealand’s only V8 Supercar (V8SC) team at the opening round of the championship today.

Andre Heimgartner qualified in 22nd and 23rd for the first two races in the championship, set to start tomorrow afternoon, where he hopes to continue building on the progress that he made today.

With both temperatures and crowd numbers soaring today, with over 67,000 fans enjoying the action, the day was certainly a challenge for the debuting team but say they have again made good progress with the development of the car.

Meanwhile, Dunlop Development Series driver Simon Evans finished his first race in 17th, despite damaging his car in the first lap and struggling for the remainder of the race.

Super Black Racing now look forward to tomorrow, where they plan to make history with a special event early in the morning before the first race.


Driver quotes:

Andre Heimgartner – #111

Qualifying 1 result: 22

Qualifying 2 result: 23

“Overall I’m pretty happy with how today has gone. It was pretty tough out there but I’m positive about the progress we’ve made with the car and tomorrow is a new day. There are a few little things to work out but I just need to get a good rest tonight and be fresh for tomorrow.”

“Driving in a Supercar at Adelaide is definitely a lot tougher than any other category I’ve competed in here, so I’m just focusing on getting better and making more progress.”


Simon Evans – #111 Dunlop Development Series

Race 1 result: 17

“It was really good to finish my first race. I damaged the car in lap one as I hit the tyres so I was lucky to make it to the end, as I don’t think I could have done another lap. It’s a bit of a shame really as the car felt good so I’m looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow to see what we can do.”


Paul Radisich – Team principal

“We’re very happy with today’s effort. The team did an awesome job and Andre did much better. Today has given us a really good foundation and we’re looking forward to racing tomorrow.”

Andre and Simon - Landscape

Simon Evans is the latest driver to join New Zealand’s only V8 Supercar team, Super Black Racing, as he steps up to the V8 Dunlop Development Series in Australia this year behind the wheel of another Ford Falcon.

Evans, who has enjoyed considerable success in New Zealand’s top tier V8 SuperTourer series over the past year, says he’s looking forward to the challenge with support from a New Zealand team.

“This is a great opportunity for me. Following my recent racing results in New Zealand, the Dunlop Series is definitely the next step for me. So while it’s going to be a challenge, I’m really looking forward to it,” says Evans.

“Representing Super Black Racing as the only New Zealand team in the V8 Supercars at the moment just makes it even more exciting and it’s great to have their support as it can be really hard for drivers to break out of New Zealand,” Evans continued.

Super Black Racing team owner Tony Lentino added that when the opportunity came up, the team just had to help Evans in his international quest.

Lentino says: “The team [Super Black Racing] was started to help New Zealand drivers break into different levels of motorsport so when this became a possibility, we knew we had to make it happen. It’s simply what we’re all about.”

Aside from competing in karts in Australia, it will be Evans’ first time racing on Australian tarmac so he also has the added challenge of learning every single track during the allocated practice sessions.

Evans says: “Every track is new to me this year and with only two practice sessions at each event, it’s going to be difficult. But I have a fantastic team of people behind me, including my family, so I’m still confident of getting some good results.”

The V8 Dunlop Development series is contested over seven rounds throughout Australia with Evans piloting a Ford Falcon prepared by MW Motorsport who previously brought Chaz Mostert to victory in the step-up series.

Super Black Racing now turns their attention to the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide on 26 February, in just over two weeks time where the 2015 V8SC Championship and Dunlop Development Series officially begins.


Super Black Racing in action

Super Black Racing has enjoyed a number of small victories in their Prodrive Racing prepared Ford Falcon FG driven by young rookie Andre Heimgartner at the official V8 Supercar (V8SC) test held in Sydney over the weekend.

The new team, who debuted as full V8SC championship contenders at the event, made huge progress with the car dubbed “The Dark Horse” and are confident in making gains at the opening round in Adelaide in two weeks time.

Heimgartner said: “We made some great progress with the car today and it was really good to get a few laps in as it has been a while since I last drove this car.”

The youngster was also guided throughout the weekend by his engineer Dilan Talibani and racing legend Paul Radisich, who he said provided him with valuable insight and guidance.

“Dilan [Talibani] and I are working really well together and I feel like we’re able to build on a whole range of things during the season. I’m also very lucky to have Paul [Radisich] here for advice, especially around the driving side of things,” explained Heimgartner.

Radisich is also optimistic about the team’s future and said the foundations for a strong team are already there.

“After seeing how well the team worked together this weekend I’m happy that things are on the right track. We have faith in Andre and his abilities, along with the rest of the crew like Dilan [Talibani] and Kyle [Gregurke, head mechanic],” said Radisich.

The hot conditions at Sydney Motorsport Park also had an effect on times over the weekend but Heimgartner eventually finished the shootout this afternoon in 20th position with a time of one minute and 32 seconds.

Super Black Racing now turns their attention to the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide on 26 February, in just over two weeks time where the 2015 V8SC Championship officially begins.

V8 Super Test 2015 Australian V8 Supercars Championship Series

Super Black Racing has made huge progress in the development and set up of their Prodrive Racing prepared Ford Falcon during the first day of testing at the official V8 Supercar (V8SC) test event today.

Piloted by 19 year-old Andre Heimgartner, the team started making gains with the Ford Falcon towards the end of the day and progressively got faster.

As one of the youngest drivers to ever compete in the full V8SC Championship, Heimgartner impressed the team with a time of 1:31.8 around the Sydney Motorsport Park track near Eastern Creek.

Heimgartner said: “It has been a good first day with us. Obviously there is lots to learn and do, but I feel like we’re making good progress. Tomorrow is a whole new day and I can’t wait to get back into it.”

Team owner, Tony Lentino, agreed with Heimgartner but added: “We were always expecting it to be a little tough on the first day but Andre [Heimgartner] has really impressed us. He [Andre] is continuing to make progress with the car and that’s a real credit to him, Dilan [Talibani] and the rest of the crew.”

Dilan Talibani joins Super Black Racing as the engineer this year after stints with rising Dunlop Development Series star Cameron Waters while crunching the data for Jack Perkins in 2014.

Meanwhile the rest of the Prodrive Racing team enjoyed variable success with David Reynolds eventually ending the day in sixth during the final practice, along with Chaz Mostert and Mark Winterbottom finshing inside the top 10 during the second practice with the debut of the new Ford Falcon FG X.

The crew has one more testing session tomorrow morning before the shootout in the afternoon.

V8 Super Test 2015 Australian V8 Supercars Championship Series

New Zealand’s sole V8 Supercar (V8SC) team, Super Black Racing, launched their Prodrive Racing (PRA) prepared Triple One Ford Falcon FG at the Sydney Garden Island Naval base with their driver Andre Heimgartner last night.

Heimgartner, only 19 years old, is set to begin the official V8SC test today after the big reveal in Sydney alongside his PRA team-mates on the grounds of the Royal Australian Navy base.

Team owner, Tony Lentino said: “We are so proud to finally be here and to be part of the Prodrive Racing team. We’re really excited about the year and finally being able to reveal the car that we call ‘The Dark Horse’, is awesome.

“It just makes the whole campaign real now because we’ve been planning this for months and months so to finally be here is like a dream come true. We’re also honoured to be representing New Zealand and in true Kiwi style, we’ll give it everything we’ve got.”

Being among the youngest drivers to ever tackle competing in a V8SC championship, Heimgartner said he knows he has a big challenge ahead but he’s looking forward to it.

“I know it won’t be easy but I’m lucky to have such an incredible team of people behind me to help me learn, along with all of our awesome New Zealand fans. I’m also fortunate to have such experienced guys guide me along the way, like Paul [Radisich], Chaz [Mostert], Dave [Reynolds] and Mark [Winterbottom],” said Heimgartner.

“We just want to go out there this year and give New Zealanders something to be proud of.”

Touring car legend, Paul Radisich, also joined the team in Sydney with his official role as team principal, which will see him guide and mentor the team with his experience, which spans over 20 years in motorsport.

The official PRA launch also saw the release of the brand new Ford Falcon FG X set to be piloted by Mark Winterbottom and Chaz Mostert aboard the HMAS Canberra, Australia’s newest war ship.

Super Black Racing is set to campaign the new Prodrive Racing FG X later in the season.

The official V8SC Super Test runs for three days near Eastern Creek before the championship has its opening round in Adelaide in little over two weeks time.

For more information, visit www.superblack.co.nz or follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/SuperBlackRacingTeam) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/SuperBlackNZ).