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The entire Supercars operation will be airlifted to Auckland this week for the ITM Auckland SuperSprint on 4-6 November, in one of the largest single airlifts in New Zealand sporting history.

This specific air freight system was developed eight years ago by Supercars and it’s been used for the international races in Asia, Middle East, USA and New Zealand.

All 26 Supercars will be transported from Melbourne in a 747-400 Series Freighter Aircraft today and tomorrow.

The plane will make two trips, with the aircraft having capacity for 16 cars in eight double stack car racks, with safety and course cars included. The total freight weight of each aircraft, including purpose built containers, is in excess of 100 tonnes.

The purpose built aircraft container has been developed to house support equipment for each car. However, this will not house spare engines, gear boxes and wheels as these items will be packed into communal cargo in the aircraft.

How it works:

Each car competing in the ITM Auckland SuperSprint will be allocated one support equipment container. Race car support equipment containers must not exceed 2500kgs

All hazardous materials have been sourced in New Zealand. The likes of acetone, aerosols, fibreglass repair kits, acid batteries, brake cleaner, liquid polish, paint and race fuel cannot be air freighted

Each car is limited to 20 wheels, in addition to the four wheels mounted to the car at the event. This is a total of 624 wheels.

Crunching the numbers – The total combined cost of the freight carried over by the two aircraft, as well as additional equipment carried in each team’s allocated container totals more than $25 million

Teams face a busy few days to prepare cars for the air freight shipment to Auckland in readiness for the ITM Auckland SuperSprint on 4-6 November.

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Pukekohe will roar into life this week for the Supercars ITM 500. Its going to be action packed with 4 qualifying sessions and 4 long races over the weekend. The circuit, currently 2.91 kilometres long, having been shortened from its original combined 3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi) length when combined with the now defunct club circuit and a new chicane on the back straight before the hairpin. Its exciting racing because the corridor of Armco barriers is only inches from the track on both sides. It is seen as one of the fastest of all southern hemisphere. To win on this track, the driver needs a good entry onto the back straight. Furthermore, the driver also needs to drive the car right to its full potential. Grab your ticket and come and join us!

Length 2.91 km
Direction Clockwise
Average Speed 157 km/h
Top Speed 265 km/h
Qualifying Lap Record Jamie Whincup – 1:02.5597 – 2013
Race Lap Record Scott McLaughlin – 1:03.7239 – 2014