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Super Black Racing’s Manager Greg Hahn will step down from running the team at the end of the season as a new structure evolves for the outfit heading into the 2017 season.

 Hahn has been with the team since its conception in 2014 when it had a wildcard entry in the Bathurst 1000. 

“It’s been an amazing journey and I can’t thank Tony and Emily Lentino enough for the vision and opportunity that has given so many people and New Zealand drivers something to be part of. Over the past few years we’ve had good support as the only New Zealand team in Supercars. We always knew it would be a tough journey and we have stubbed our toes a few times and had to learn the hard way from time to time, but in the end we formed a team with huge fan support and something to be proud of. 

“Things certainly haven’t been smooth sailing. I’ve always said it feels like a like a room full of friendly pirates trying to steel each other’s gold, but the Supercars community are a great bunch of people who always keen to give advice along the way, and it is period of my career I will remember proudly and fondly. On top of that, of course, being away for twenty odd weeks a year takes its toll when you are flying the ditch every other week. 

 Hahn is currently eyeing up a number of opportunities and potential projects closer to home. “I’m looking forward to working in motorsport back in NZ and getting behind a local team or category. From the position I have had for the past two years it has been obvious that there is still much work to do on having a high quality and viable top level premier touring car category back in NZ again. Up until a couple of years ago it was our feeder class to Supercars but unfortunately many factors conspired to compromise that position. It would be nice to see a renaissance.” 

Hahn will still retain some involvement with a new team but will focus on the New Zealand side and take an advisory role along side. The new 2017 structure will see more Australian-based personal and will see some new people raising funds on the commercial side back back in New Zealand. 

 The team is currently preparing for the last event of the season, the Coates Hire Sydney 500 at Sydney Olympic Park street Circuit on the 2nd of December, where Hahn will bow out as team manager.

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